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What is it?

Our project management consultancy services are intended to help customers to increase their competence to carry out their projects with their own resources.

This service is suitable for clients who have a project office or have resources and the capacity to carry out their own projects or to be competitive.

The major consultancies we offer are:

1.     Development of Project Management Office (PMO)

The development of a Project Management office is typically the creation of the first solution that organizations choose to solve their inability to carry out their projects.  We guide our clients to understand the selection process of the best model to follow.

Our consultancy for designing the best Project Management Office for an organization remains a disciplinary aspect based on the best practices of Project Management Offices based on the standard of Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3®) of the Project Management Institute (PMI)

We help organizations identify and design the best Project Management Office model in accordance to the organization ´s needs in terms of business, budget, implementation and operational processes.

2.     Connect the Portfolios, Programs and Projects to the Business Strategy

Today many organizations have a business plan that clearly defines the medium and long terms of its strategy, but few have processes to connect portfolios, programs and projects to this business strategy.

Through the new standards of "The Standard for Portfolio Management" and "The Standard for Program Management", both from the Project Management Institute (PMI), lay down the framework to properly connect portfolios, programs and projects to organization strategy.

This consulting enables organizations to connect and align their projects to the strategy and thus ensure that the efforts are aimed at achieving business results.


3.     Project Auditing

There are situations when an organization does not feel comfortable or satisfied on how their projects are carry out at any given time, or just want to make sure that the project is meeting the intended goals established on the original work plan. For this, our company offers “Project Auditing” where we evaluate the work results against the current Project master work plan and offer corrective actions.

The main value of this consultancy for an organization is that they allow knowing the real status of project in terms of originally scope, time, budget and quality parameters and above all, identify the specific corrective actions the project team must follow to meet the project objectives.


4.     Coaching 

In organizations exists professionals with high potential or project management but lack field experience and knowledge. The organization understands that these professionals only need project management guidance from a mentor or senior project manager to blossom but also knows they lack this role in their organization.

Our "Coaching" consulting appoints a senior project manager to advise and serve as a mentor for potential project managers with little experience for a limited time, thus ensuring that the project has the experience suitable for executive decision-making.

The value of this consultancy to organizations is that the potential project manager benefits from knowledge, best practices and experience from an experienced project manager, thus accelerating their learning and mastery of project management at marginal cost.


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