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Our Values

Our integrated project management services are designed to represent our customers interests and to take control of their projects, developing a clear implementation strategy, with measurable goals, acceptance criteria agreed, realistic and achievable plans, a professional risk management, parameters quality and maintaining a team aligned to business objectives.

Targeted Projects

Some of our major projects are:


  • Universal Internet Access for Liberty Technologies. We developed a national plan for installation and Internet connection in main parts of the country, according to the requirements of the government in the agreed time.
  • HSBC Express Bank Program. Was carried out throughout the technology integration for the remodeling and creation of new branches nationwide.
  • Project for Multiple Services Cooperative Professionals, RL. Project was administered to change its core banking.
  • Project (PCI) Payment Card Industry Compliance for COPA Airlines. The goal of the project was to obtain PCI certification required by Copa Holdings and Global Collect Incocrédito to comply with the strategy of increasing revenue through direct sales via e-Business. For it was necessary to make changes Infrastructure, Security, Applications, Policies and Procedures.
  • SIGNAL Project (National Geographic Information System) to Telecarrier. The goal was the creation of a National Geographic Information System, coordinated and standardized for the government of the Republic of Panama. Allowing promote and monitor the responsible use and reliable spatial data and geographic information of the country in a useful, updated and certified for its multiple applications within governmental institutions and the general public.
  • Proyecto E-Pago System Collection para E-Pago Internacional. Su objetivo fue diseñar un sistema tecnológico y procedimental adecuado para los actuales clientes, de fácil implementación para las empresas locales, pero con una tecnología y procesos escalables para implementar la solución a sus clientes internacionales.